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If you’ve visited our competitor’s websites, you may have been surprised at the confusing array of service tiers. You may be experiencing “information overload” from the sheer volume of information. You may be asking “What if I only need 5 phones but still want all the features?” Or, “How do I figure out what my phone bill will really say?” At Concord Communications, we are making it our mission to take all the guesswork out of the process of purchasing a new phone system or upgrading your technology by promising you…

About Us

Concord Communications has been proudly serving the business community since 1985. Originally selling, installing, and maintaining traditional premise-based business phone systems, Concord recognized the vast technological improvement that Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP service represented, and in 2009 Concord began providing premise-based business telephone systems that used the new VoIP and SIP technology. Shortly thereafter, HFP adopted the latest technology and became one of the early entries into the Hosted VoIP marketplace. This new technology known as Hosted PBX or Cloud-based PBX service, allowed Concord to provide all the features that demanding businesses wanted without having to purchase and maintain equipment in the telephone closet. In addition, it allowed their clients to achieve remarkable savings on their monthly telephone communications budget.

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Year after year we are blown away by the amazing feedback we receive from our client base! Here are a few short examples from some of our most prominent clients. Learn more about how we can help your business by clicking here.

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